Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Hey Lady...Got Any Benadryl?"

My bug has morphed into a full blown cold. I woke up yesterday sounding like Bea Arthur, by last night my voice sounded like Ed Asner. This morning I have almost no voice, and I can see that the kids are already plotting what they can get away with. I can whisper...but that's it...when I do try to talk, I sound like a squeaky hamster wheel. I had big plans to return some phone calls today...but I don't think that is going to happen...and I feel sorry for anyone who calls me, they are going to think my phone was stolen when all they hear is breathing on my end! Come to think of might be fun to make some phone calls...

The only thing worse than my having a that now my husband has it!! He sent me a text message from work yesterday: "I think I have your cold now!" MY cold...I can see where this is headed...I tried to tell him that he had it awhile ago and I have just been fighting it off all this really...HE gave it to me! He didn't buy it...and I can see that it's going to be a long weekend, with both of us down...of course we will see what he is capable of, since his illnesses always seem to be way worse than mine. (or so he thinks) He may have a point though...he shuts everything down for two days and gets well...I keep on working and doing all the "normal" things (feed kids, do laundry, take them to school) and I am sick for two weeks...

I got worse after I hit the outlet mall the other day....ran up to use a gift card and stopped to grab a bite at Panda Express. Thought I would try something different and had the "pepper shrimp" rice bowl. I grabbed a table by myself near the window and enjoyed some nice solitude. It was short-lived however, since I was out of town and would have to drive 30 minutes to get the kids from school. The food was spicy and I regretted my choice as I sweated profusely. I could feel my face turning red and started to feel a bit itchy. I tried to turn my attention to people watching...which I always enjoy...but as my face started to itch, I wondered, "am I the one people are watching??" I decided I had enough and stopped by the restroom on my way out. I noticed a large hot rash running down my leg. "What the heck is that???" I looked in the face looked blotchy and my eyes were red. GREAT! I got the heck out of there and headed to the kids' school.

By the time I got there, my face was itchy, my head was itchy...everything was itchy!. Could I be having a reaction to shrimp? I love shrimp! I called my sister, who is allergic to shellfish. "Am I having a reaction? I asked. "Sounds like it," she said, "You do realize that three women in your family acquired an allergy to shellfish at your age." DARN IT! I thought I would be spared..."Get some Benadryl," she told me. Where was I going to get Benadyrl? I thought...I'm at the school...oh...yeah...I'm at the school....There are a lot of moms at the school...moms might have some. I saw a friend in her SUV and approached the window..."Do you have any Benadryl?" I asked, "I think I am having an allergic reaction to shellfish." "You do look blotchy and red," she said, "Sorry I don't have any." I moved on...asking random mothers on the blacktop if they had Benadryl. No one did...and I finally gave up...I was starting to feel like hobo looking for a handout.

I never did take any Benadryl...I started to feel better and by the time I got home, the itching had stopped and I was no longer red. Besides, I had to get one kid to karate and drive the other to baseball practice. All I needed was to take a couple of Benadryl and then be too drowsy to drive!

Glad that today is Saturday and we can just lay low. Well, kind of low...we do have two baseball practices today...One to go...Meanwhile I am working on my sign language skills... I have mastered..."No," "Stop jumping on the couch," "Get off your brother," "Come and eat," and "Go use the bathroom." Actually they are all the same sign...a lot of waving, snapping, pointing and shaking my head... Wait...what's this? The husband is off of the couch and outside...mowing the lawn? I thought we were having a competition to see who was too sick to go to baseball practice! What the heck is wrong with him?...doesn't he realize we are SICK?  That's not I have to get off the couch and get dressed so I can be productive too. I can't have him being "sicker" than me and doing more work...! Bring on the vitamin C and orange out dirty laundry...I'm coming for you!

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