Monday, February 20, 2012

Hurray for 3-day Weekends?

Hurray! It's a three-day weekend! I LOVE three-day weekends! I love having that extra day...the MONDAY...the Monday of sleeping in, no driving to school, no school lunches, and best of breaking up the day to pick the kids up from school.

I had big plans for today...the first of which was to sleep in. But then I agreed to have my friend's daughter spend the day with us, so I knew I couldn't have unlimited sleep-in-powers. That's, I have to get up a little earlier than I want...the bathrooms need cleaning anyway and I can whip up some muffins for breakfast.

I should have known when I did my almost-nightly-fall-asleep-on-the-couch-and-wake-up-at-3am thing, that nothing would go as planned. Actually, I should have known when I fell asleep on the couch and the youngest came down the stairs, crying that she was scared and  I put her in my bed...that it was all going to fall to pieces.

If I had a brain in my head, I would have just grabbed my pillow and blanket and planted myself on the couch for the whole night. Why I think things will be "different" this time, is beyond me! (eternal optimist?) Be that as it may, I did make my way to my own bed, to learn that my youngest has grown! Now when she jams her head into my husband's back, her feet make it all the way over to my side! I gently turned her around and put her head on the pillow and climbed in beside her. (Why didn't I think to carry her back to her own bed?)

But by 7am, she had one leg wrapped around my neck and the other one wrapped around my chest, fully immobilizing me from any escape. I could hear my husband getting ready for work, but was facing the opposite wall...waving my one free arm in desperation, I tried to get his attention. Nothing. I whispered, "Help me. Help me."  He finally heard me and with a soft chuckle, he lifted the octopus off of me and moved her to his side of the bed. Rescued!

I fell back asleep, only to be awakened a short time later by the sounds of the 7 year old in the middle of some sort of struggle. I listened intently and again, heard him cry out, "NO!" I bolted upright and ran to his aid, preparing to take on the intruder who had somehow broken into our playroom. I got to the doorway and rushed see the said "child in distress" playing a video game, controller in hand and jumping up and down, yelling "Nooooo!" Uh..."are you OK?" I ask. "Oh, hi Mom...I'm fine." "You realize that lump under the blanket is your sleeping brother, right?" He looked down at his feet and up at me with a sheepish and toothless grin..."Yep!" Alright then...and I headed downstairs to start my day.

I've baked the muffins, made the coffee, emptied the garbage and am halfway through cleaning the bathrooms. My fourth child for the day is here now, playing dress-up with the rest of the kids. I would get so much done, if I weren't so easily distracted...but seeing as how a Fairy with a Buzz Lightyear blaster, A dead pirate with a chainsaw and an "American race car driver" wielding a dagger just ran by...I think we can kiss the bathroom cleaning goodbye...I'm grabbing my coffee and watching the floor show!

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